Amma’s, Spiritual Progress

Amritapuri Ashram, Kerala

It is the morning, and I find myself sitting in my small shared room, by the window, eating oranges.

My roommate sleeps in nearly every morning, so it is as though I have the room to myself during early mornings like this.

The sun rises over the palm trees, the crows, the circling white-headed bald eagles, and the giant pink buildings materially constituting the ashram.

I hear the buzz of the morning busi-ness.

I wanted to write something but not sure entirely what.

More I just wanted to feel that I have been productive and written a blog post. But in any case, I feel that there is a lot going on here.

I feel that I am “progressing” spiritually, while I am here, whatever that may mean.

[For of course, from an absolute standpoint, there is no progress. But in this material incarnation — sure, definitely we can feel and make sense of progress]

So I feel that a lot is happening here. I am in a way quieting down in the heart, quite often, and deepening in my awareness of the spirit.

I have been repeating a mantra as often as I can:  “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu” — this roughly means, “May all beings have peace and happiness.”

I feel a deepening when I repeat this mantra. Also, when I sit close to Amma on the stage during darshan — at those times, there is a great peace that I feel I can tap into, simply by sitting there quietly.

Others must feel the same way — else why would so many beings be crowding onto this stage, just to sit for long intervals, observing a constant line of people coming to be hugged by an Indian mother-saint?

It is truly amazing. Day-in, day-out, this unusual being (Amma), she sits there hugging these people tirelessly. She must log easily 50-60 hours per week doing this (about 14 hours straight per day, 4 days a week), in addition to all of the other work she does. 

But yes, I do feel that I am greatly progressing here. Whatever that enigmatic feeling or concept may mean.